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Taking my new dress for a walk


Dress from Ganni. Sneakers Nike Air Pegasus.

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Annual Review 2013

Christening party in April

Christening party

Midsummer in Sundvik


4 weddings and 2 hen parties




Trip to Fjällbacka


Hugo and Lilly

Started crossfit training – to be able to carry these two little monsters


Lilly finally takes the bottle after 10 months of breastfeeding


First weekend away from the kids in Copenhagen


Lilly and Hugo 1 year!

Hugo and Lilly

Christmas and New Years with the twins


Baby Santa


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Merry Christmas from Sundvik

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I’m proud to present

I started enspyred in October 2011 and you have all been a part of the two most intense, wonderful but also scariest years of my life. Big changes for miss Emma. I had just moved to Stockholm, started a new job and met the love of my life. We did some amazing trips together. We travelled to Riga, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Tunisia and Turkey. After a few months He moved in to my very VERY small apartment (25 sq.m.) at Fridhemsgatan 12.

The 23rd of March was the THE DAY when we found out that we were expecting a baby (one baby we thought!). Just a few weeks later the ultrasound showed TWO beating hearts. It was one of the most amazing and utterly unexpected moments of my life. And you can all imagine that it was gonna be an impossible equation to solve, living with twins in an 25 sq.m. apartment. So we decided it was time to move. It wasn’t until 3 month before due date that we got the keys to our new apartment.

I love my life as a twin mom. I get enspyred every day by these two little monsters. My focus might have changed a bit since October 2011. Watching that ultrasound machine and hearing their heartbeats has profoundly changed me.

After two years of blogging I decided that it was time. Time to give myself and my loyal followers an own domain name for my blog. I am proud to present

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Another organized twin mom


Beatrice, Caroline and Mona.

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