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The differences between raising singletons and twins

Just found this blog post from ‘Tales of a Twin Mum’ about the differences between raising singletons and twins. Worth reading. Especially about the challenge when the twins decide to go in opposite directions 🙂

Tales of a Twin Mum

I often wonder how I coped looking after two babies at once. Although E is an easy baby, I can’t imagine having two of her to chase after.

There are so many differences this time around, both good and bad.

My three

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Weakness for bed linen

hmGot myself this beautiful bed linen from H&M.

Another one of my favourites is this one from Lexington.

lexingtonAnd here are for the kids… which should I choose for Lilly and Hugo? I can not decide. All from Zara kids.

Zara hedgehog

Zara indians

Zara letters

Zara princess



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Hugo sleeping in the ‘swimmingpool’

This is what happens when our little man has played outside, practicing his walking skills and fallen and scratched his face – he falls asleep in his ‘swimmingpool’…

Hugo sleeping

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Nike and I in the gym


Birthday present from my love. Nike Lunareclipse+ 3 Shield.

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Pre-birthday party for me

My parents, Jenny and Oskar came to celebrate my birthday yesterday! We had lunch at Vapiano where Hugo showed his latest walking skills. He is finally walking!

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Lilly’s favourite thing to do right now…


Lilly’s favourite thing to do right now… climbing up the chairs.

Clothes from Zara.




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Annual Review 2013

Christening party in April

Christening party

Midsummer in Sundvik


4 weddings and 2 hen parties




Trip to Fjällbacka


Hugo and Lilly

Started crossfit training – to be able to carry these two little monsters


Lilly finally takes the bottle after 10 months of breastfeeding


First weekend away from the kids in Copenhagen


Lilly and Hugo 1 year!

Hugo and Lilly

Christmas and New Years with the twins


Baby Santa


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