Hugo in the Maid’s room

Hugo and Lilly have separate bedrooms right now. This is because they have totally different needs. Lilly sleeps in the childrens’ bedroom and Hugo in the maid’s room. I am happy that we have an apartment that is big enough to be able to put them in different bedrooms. Lilly has slept in her on room since she was about 5 months old. Hugo has been anxious and worried for a long time so we had his bed next to ours until he was about 7 months old. Then one day, I just felt that we had to get our own bedroom back! That was the day when Hugo moved in to the maid’s room. I think he likes it. Even though he still wakes up several times every night. Lilly on the other hand, she sleeps through the hole night. From 18:30 to 06:00. We have to wake her up at 06:00 unfortunately. That is because Hugo decides to wake up at 05:00 and in order to get them synchronized we need to wake Lilly up from her beauty sleep.

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