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Fun-dining at Hyde & Seek

A must try in Bangkok //Em

Favorite restaurants on Koh Samui… pick and choose

Restaurants we like:

// Six Senses Samui

Restaurant ‘Dining on the rocks’ consists of ten terraced decks of weathered teak and bamboo, combining open air and covered seating areas. Amazing view over the Gulf of Siam. The latest innovation to come out of the kitchen is called Modern Interpretive Cuisine. Tried, trusted recipes are given a new slant in imaginative ways. Dishes are reconstructed to be both visually and texturally appealing. We tried the 5 course menu called ‘Five on the rocks’, where ‘the canned tuna fish sandwich’ was our favorite!

// The Five Islands

The Five Islands Restaurant is located on the idyllic Virgin Coast of South-West Koh Samui, an area noted for its tropical sandy beaches, spectacular views of the Gulf of Siam, and vivid sunsets across to the mountains of the mainland, distant and hazy, fading to purple as evening comes.

// The Cliff Bar & Grill

Marvelous location. Located high up on the mountainous section of the ring-road between Chaweng and Lamai, looking down upon huge natural boulders next to the water’s edge. Try the house speciality; Portuguese Piri Piri Chicken, yummy!

// Krua Bophut

Thai restaurant located in Fisherman Village on Bophut beach.



Exotic fruits served on private beach in Thailand.

Longan (Lam-Yai)

These round fruits have a thin, brown-colored inedible shell and the flesh is translucent white and soft surrounding a big black seed. Extremely juicy!

Rumbutan (Ngor)

These fruits are round in shape and have a thick leathery skin witch is a reddish color and covered in fleshy soft spines. It has a sweet, slightly acidic flavor.



Big apartment – big parties…

I can’t wait to get my very own spacious apartment…. invite family and friends for dinner parties!


Nike Air Max 1, yes please!

Customize your dream sneakers. /Em